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software architecture

Software Architecture is the first step towards building your system. All our clients have very promising ideas, however, without structure and planning this idea will definitely go to waste. This is exactly what we do at this stage. We start by understanding your idea and building it with you contributing with our experiences which then leads us to the second stage where we are able to change the business logic communicated and agreed upon into a technical system that works efficiently. Finally, we move on to optimizing the system from a technical perspective and documenting every little detail about it so the client understands exactly what he is about to receive.


Understanding the business scope

This is always the first step of the journey. It is the stage where we meet with you, understand your idea and challenge it as much as we can. We try to make sure we understand your vision and how you want to reach it. Using our expertise, we provide you with guidance on how to build the system and what should be included as opposed to what we believe could be postponed. A very crucial stage to build a strong base on which we can improve.


Translating the idea into a system

After having a mutual understanding of what is required, the vision and the end goal of the business, WebOps team starts to translate this vision into a system that is totally connected. This process helps to bring out all the questions that may have not been tackled during the 1st step and by the end of it we make sure that all the goals that were required are met through an efficient system that solves the client’s problems


Optimization & documentation

The final phase is when we work on connecting all the dots. We try to make sure that our system is fool-proof through challenging our ideas by different stakeholders and perspectives then improving any weak points that may arise. The last step is then to move onto documenting. Documenting the system through an SRS (Software Requirements Document) and other documents benefits both WebOps’ operations and ensures that our client understands exactly what he is about to receive. It ensures minimal conflicts and optimal operations.

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