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Quality assurance acts as the safety net for developers and business owners alike. It is a chance for all stakeholders to view the system. For example, business owners might re-evaluate their business idea, developers might find edge cases that they have missed and users are able to give constructive feedback that could be implemented to avoid any unnecessary risk. It is a massive, integral, continuous and never ending part of all development operations. Many people believe that the systems are tested from one perspective but actually what happens is quite the opposite. There are many types of testing and surprisingly each of them is able to bring out different issues. 01



Unit testing is the first step of the testing process. It is implemented by the developers as they try to write test cases to ensure that their code functions as it should. Covering all possible scenarios is nearly impossible but at WebOps we try to push the limits in each step to ensure we cover all the cases.



Function testing is the second step and it includes testing certain small features by specialized software testers whose main focus is to break the system and ensure that all the possible scenarios are covered correctly and that the feature acts as it should.



Development is a very complex process and hugely interconnected so doing actions in one place might have a lot of side effects elsewhere. This is why the next step is to always test the system as a whole, make sure the cycle is connected and that all possible user flows reach their correct end.



User testing is the last step of testing. This is where the client comes in with a fresh eye to view what was implemented and make sure that the system works towards the vision and that it provides the business value the client was dreaming of.

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